I am currently looking for a new tech role. I have been a backend web developer (Python, Ruby) for the last few years, but I really would like to move into a more people-centric role. I’m looking for service design/user research or similar. I would also be interested in working in the education sector around computing, or in a charity digital team. I specialise in empathy and inclusivity.

I am really into education, digital inclusion and diversity. I have been a Code Club volunteer for two years and a DjangoGirls mentor. I also helped organise DjangoGirls Sheffield, and am currently a co-organiser of CodeUp Sheffield. My talk about designing services for trans and non-binary users has been given at several conferences and usergroups and has also been turned into a workshop.

I am based in Sheffield but am able to commute to Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham. If you think I’d be a good fit for you, or you just would like to chat, contact info is on my CV or you can catch me at ScotlandJS this week, NUX Manchester on Monday 6th or at UX Scotland on 8th and 9th.