This Wednesday (14th August) I'm doing a talk about pornography and the law for the Open Rights Group Sheffield meetup ( As part of writing this talk I've had to think about things like trigger warnings and setting my own position clearly. This is a massive topic and one which is difficult to judge the appropriateness  of the content. As not many people have signed up so far, I have decided to write this blog post introducing the talk so people can better judge if this is a talk they would like to see.

Firstly I would like to set up my stand on the issue. I am not involved in the sex industry in any way, my interest is purely on personal grounds. I would say that I am sex-positive and therefore generally pro-porn. I am against the current porn filtering proposals and a strong believer in comprehensive sex education.

Content-wise I will be discussing section 63 of the 2008 Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill, commonly known or referred to as the 'extreme pornography act'. I will talk about how it came about, what it covers, some notable cases and the recent 'rape porn' debate. This will involve some definitions of sexual fetishes and practices although I've tried to do this as clinically as possible. I will talk about the murder of Jane Longhurst so trigger warnings for murder and sexual violence apply. I will also talk about the porn filter proposals, specifically how they will affect LGBT youth.

If you would like to come to the talk please sign up, if you have any questions or concerns about content I am easily contactable on Twitter (@kitation) or via as claire.gowler