Public Speaking

These are all the talks I have given and am booked to give.


Jan 18 - NDC London ASL: Why User Data is More Than Forms

April 1 - Alterconf London Trapped By The Trappings

April 8 - PHP Yorkshire The How and Why of Asking Users Who They Are


Nov 30 - UX Sheffield ASL: Why User Data is More Than Forms

Nov 7 - NUX Liverpool ASL: Why User Data is More Than Forms

June 9 - UX Scotland Asking About Gender Workshop

June 6 - NUX Manchester Asking About Gender

June 2 - Scotland JS Asking About Gender

May 26 - Sheffield JS Asking About Gender Workshop

April 22 - Render Conf Asking About Gender

Render 2016 - Chad Gowler from White October on Vimeo.

March 8 - Drupal NW Mental Health, Your Employer and You

Jan 24 - Manchester Girl Geeks Getting Into Blogging


September 19 - Pycon UK Asking About Gender

August 27 - Sheffield JS Why Is Teaching Web Development So Difficult?

July 21 - Ladies That UX, London How To Ask About Gender - full

May 20 - Ladies That UX, Manchester How To Ask About Gender - full

March 13 - Bath Ruby How To Ask About Gender - lightning talk

March 5 - Talk UX, Manchester How To Ask About Gender - lightning talk

February 24 - Sheffield Python How To Ask About Gender - lightning talk

February 9 - Sheffield Ruby usergroup Ruby Newbie Retro Style


October 18 - Barcamp Manchester Journey to the Centre of the Gendersphere, Are Videogames a Force for Social Good?

October 10 - Nerd Nite Sheffield Journey to the Centre of the Gendersphere

September 11 - Code Pub Sunderland An Introduction to Code Club Pro

June 26 - Sheffield JS Code Club Pro: Get Involved!

May 31 - Manchester Girl Geeks Barcamp Why Videogames Are Good For You

May 17 - Gamecamp Game Jams for Normal People

April 17 - First Play Sheffield The Life and Death of the Japanese RPG

February 8 - Django Weekend, Cardiff Task Management with Celery and Django 

My first conference talk, given to about 100 people. An introduction to Celery, a Python task management library.

Claire Gowler - Django Weekend Cardiff from AOTV on Vimeo.


August 14 - Open Rights Group Sheffield Pornography, Perceptions and Parliament 
A talk and discussion around two aspects of porngraphy; the mandatory adult filters for ISPs and the Extreme Pornography law. Why is the Government so scared of porn and why is it so hard to legislate against?

June 20 - First Play Sheffield Some Assembly Required Reprise
Music quiz and Kerbal Space Program live demo to show what we did for Games Britannia.

June 11-13 - Games Brittania Some Assembly Required
A series of three gaming themed 'school assemblies' given to an audience of roughly 115 children aged 12-16. I co-presented the assemblies and helped to create the content and format.

May 18 - Gamecamp 6 How to Build a Gaming Community in Meatspace
A short talk given to about 10 people about First Play Sheffield and its creation and future.

May 16 - First Play Sheffield How to Build a Gaming Community in Meatspace - Preview
A preview of the Gamecamp talk, audience of 15-20.


November 15 - First Play Sheffield From Beatmania to Trance Vibrator; Or Why Music is the Best Genre
A 20 minute talk about rhythm action game, audience of 15-20.

February 16 - First Play Sheffield Reality is Broken 
A 20 minute review of the book Reality is Broken, focusing on what defines a game and why gamers enjoy failure


December 13 - Sheffield Hallam University Software Engineer Careers Lecture 10 Tips For Graduate Job Hunting
A 10 minute talk to the 2011 final year software engineering students explaining my experiences in graduate job applications and lessons learned.

April 17 - Barcamp Sheffield Are video games good for you?
Co-hosted a small debate with around 10 people on how video games can be good for you. Won best talk at the event.